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Flooded Engine

Article #10136


How to Clear a Flooded Engine

The engine can become flooded if it is primed too many times during the course of a routine startup. When the engine is flooded, the EZ-Starter cannot turn the engine and it will appear to be locked. Use the following procedure to clear a flooded engine.

  1. Remove the blue glow plug wire
  2. Remove the glow plug with a 5/16 nut driver
  3. Plug in the EZ-Start® and turn the model upside down
  4. Push the EZ-Start button for several seconds to clear the excess fuel from the combustion chamber
  5. Turn the model over and re-install the glow plug with gasket
  6. Reconnect the blue glow plug wire
  7. Remove one of the motor wires from the EZ-Start motor
  8. Push the EZ-Start button for several seconds. This lights the glow plug and burns off any remaining fuel
  9. Reconnect the EZ-Start motor
  10. Do not prime the engine. Partially open the throttle and press the EZ-Start button.

The engine should start immediately.