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Model Has No Power to Electronics

Article #10190

  1. Transmitter not switched on
    Turn on the transmitter and then slide the car's on/off switch to the on position. The servos may jump momentarily.
  2. 4-cell battery holder connector is not properly installed in the receiver
    Make sure the 4-cell battery holder lead is plugged into the "batt" terminal on the receiver and that the pins inside of the connector (plug) are not bent or damaged.
  3. Batteries in the 4-cell holder are not properly installed
    Properly install the batteries in the 4-cell battery holder (observe polarity) and make sure they make good contact.
  4. Batteries in the vehicle are weak or completely discharged
    Batteries in the 4-cell battery holder are weak or completely discharged, replace them (AA's), or recharge them (optional rechargeable 6v pack).
  5. Servo connector is unplugged or loose
    Check the connectors that plug into the receiver to make sure they are connected properly and securely.
  6. 4-cell battery holder/switch harness wires cut or frayed
    Inspect the harness for damage, and/or replace the damaged 4-cell battery holder.
  7. Damaged frequency crystal(s) (on Traxxas TQ 27MHz AM radios)
    Replace the damaged crystal set (RX & TX) before continuing to run the model.
  8. Receiver or transmitter failure
    Return the component to Traxxas for service.